Just Col-Erasin’

(Sep 02, 2009)

For the last few weeks, I’ve been playing around with Col-Erase pencils (those are a brand of erasable colored pencils, if you didn’t know).  Initially, I wanted to use them to sketch out and build the compositions for my pictures, then tighten up the lines with a regular pencil.

I started my experimenting with a non-photo blue pencil, a standard color that’s not supposed to show up in black and white scans.  It’s a super-light… almost too light.  I was barely able to see it on the page.  So I drifted to another Col-Erase I’d bought – the “grass green”.  It showed up better, and it also doesn’t show up when I scan my images.

amateurs1-greenline amateurs2-greenline


I’ve been loving the Col-Erase pencils the more I use them. Since they don’t show up when I scan, I don’t even bother erasing my lines after I’ve inked over them. What I enjoy most though, is the novelty of drawing in color. The green feels more alive on the page for me than regular lead. It feels corny to say so, but for now I’m enjoying the subtle thrill these pencils provide when I draw.



3 Responses to “Just Col-Erasin’”

  1. No shame in stating a preference. I wasn’t aware of the Col-Erase pencils till now but look forward to giving them a try.

    While reading about how you liked the quality of the green lines I was reminded about this in-process post from James Jean that you might find interesting. It’s at:


    Nice to see you guys updating the blog regularly.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jeffrey. I agree there’s no shame in stating a preference, rather I felt I might have been a bit oversentimental in the way I wrote the post. Ah well. I’m glad you’ve been inspired to give these pencils a try. I’m still having fun with them.

    Thanks for the James Jean link. For some reason I don’t follow his blog regularly, but revisit it every few months and soak in all the work I’ve missed. His craftsmanship and design sense is amazing.

  3. […] of drawing at a larger size. I just want to take a moment to “pour a forty” for my first green Col-Erase pencil, which ended it’s artistic services during the drawing of the above two pieces.  It’s […]

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