BREAKING NEWS: brownpaperbag finally puts this blog to use!

(Sep 01, 2009)


Starting Wednesday, September 2nd, the boys at brownpaperbag will actually be POSTING ON A REGULAR BASIS on their blog at the brownpaperbag website! Every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY you’ll get process notes, doodles, interviews, ramblings and other entertaining and insightful interneting from the boys at brownpaperbag!

Besides the pleasure of being wowed and bedazzled by their creative charm [or lack thereof] every month they will be giving away PRIZES in the form of books, original art, prints and lots of other goodies in a MONTHLY LOTTERY! [*see details below]

And to kick off us finally getting off our asses and getting motivated, we will be giving away different prizes to THREE LUCKY WINNERS this month! The prizes are as follows:

• a copy of the first volume of the acclaimed BEASTS! Book One edited by Jacob Covey published by Fantagraphics [paperback].

• a complete set of all the mini-comics created by brownpaperbag. This includes: brownpaperbag # 1, brownpaperbag #2, Desolate Funny Farm, Rumble Bumble # 1, One of the Johns #1, One of the Johns # 2, Hate Me, Blood Seeds Become Poetry, and Dumb Shiny Head.

• original art from the vaults of brownpaperbag

So strap yourself into your computer and enjoy the artstuff of brownpaperbag on a regularly scheduled basis! New stuff posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Be there!

* MONTHLY PRIZE LOTTERY DETAILS – The lottery will be drawn from the names of people who have posted comments on the blog that month. If you’ve posted at all that month you will be entered into the lottery. More comments won’t get you more entries in the lottery, though we obviously encourage people to post more to create dialogue. We will post the winner of the lottery on the first of the next month and the winners can contact us to redeem their swag. Questions? e-mail me at jonathan [at]

3 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: brownpaperbag finally puts this blog to use!”

  1. great news. does this mean i’m entered?

  2. Yippee! I don’t know how it applies to you artsy types, but among my game design group we find that the more we post and meet and discuss, the more productive we are when we’re not posting and meeting and discussing.

  3. @ramon – that is correct, sir!

    @hav – we hope that will be the case here as well!

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