Getting By On Turtle Power

(Sep 30, 2009)

A couple weeks ago, Brandon Graham (creator of King City and several other amazing comics) posted this drawing of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drawn by Jack Kirby on his livejournal: (I don’t want to fill this entry with too many parenthetical asides, but Brandon’s livejournal is a freakin’ treasure-filled cave of obscure art and […]

An Update and a Question.

(Sep 28, 2009)

Well, dear friends another Monday has come and almost gone and here I am trying to get my weekly post in under the wire. First I’d like to start by showing you what I’ve been up to this week. Here’s my finished logo for Jes and I’s Etsy shop, which will hopefully be up and […]


(Sep 25, 2009)

I’ve been really busy this last week and half, so I this week’s entry is kind of a cop-out. I got my first cover gig for a weekly this last week. It was for the PNW Inlander out of Spokane. There is a proposition on the upcoming ballot that is really idealistic but has its […]

It’s Time For A Party

(Sep 23, 2009)

This weekend I drew an illustration for the Willamette Week. It accompanied an article about the owner of several local restaurants having a block party to celebrate three years in business (so any Portlanders looking for free food and cheap drinks, head to NE 30th and Killingsworth this Monday from 7-10pm).  It was a fun […]

(Sep 21, 2009)

Oh hello there! I started a new exercise this week, copying some of the all time greatest comic panels. It’s a strange feeling, to transition from knowing someone like Jack Kirby is a genius to beginning to understand what makes him a genuis. And the two panels of his I coppied, have introduced me to […]

six panel stories no. 1

(Sep 18, 2009)

So a project that I’m assigning to myself to do once or so a month is going to be called ‘Six Panel Stories’. The idea is to tell a story in six panels. I thought it would be a fun way to experiment with storytelling and to fool around with things that I feel I […]

Sharing Time: Covering Matsumoto

(Sep 16, 2009)

This week I thought I’d write about other people’s artstuffs instead of my own.  A sort of ramble about things that are getting me jazzed lately. A while ago, I heard about a new manga series drawn by Taiyo Matsumoto called Takemitsu Zamurai (roughly translated, I believe it means Samurai with a Bamboo Sword).  I’m […]


(Sep 14, 2009)

So I’ve had to confront a fear of mine lately: Type. I’ve always felt uncomfortable working with type, because I have no real foundation with it. With drawing, I know I have a lot to learn, but I also have a degree of command. With type there is no command, it’s a free fall, I […]

Odd Batman paraphernalia

(Sep 11, 2009)

Nerd alert! Batman fan art! Batman is excruciatingly hard for me to draw. Not only does he need to have a certain presence, but he’s got all those spot blacks in his cape and costume and that’s a real weakness in my drawing. Anyhow, besides looking real goofy, I thought he turned out okay. [note: […]

A Bully Finish!

(Sep 09, 2009)

Q: How much Teddy Roosevelt is too much for one web site? A: There is no such thing as too much Teddy Roosevelt! So some of you reading may remember waaay back when, I posted some concept sketches for a Teddy-themed tattoo. Well, I finished the design a while ago, but wanted to take a […]

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