big news & more WW illustrations!

(May 27, 2009)

some big news: First Second will be publishing Americus! MK and i signed out contracts last week. i still have a lot of drawing ahead of me, but it’s nice to know it has a home. the book won’t be out untl 2012, so don’t hold your breaths. oh, and here’s some more illustrations that […]

drawing for other people

(May 12, 2009)

ah, the life as an illustrator… you get to draw legislation beating up smokeless tobacco products while other smokeless tobacco products watch… this will appear in this week’s willamette week. thanks again to them for the semi-steady flow of work the last couple of months.

drawing for myself

(May 07, 2009)

so i decided to dedicate some time yesterday to just some free drawing for myself. sad as it is, i haven’t done it in a really long time. i was happy with some of the random things that popped in my head and decided to turn one of them into a more finalized drawing. i […]

Bully Process!

(May 03, 2009)

I was recently asked to design a tattoo.  It feels odd… creating an image that will be on somebody’s skin for life.  However, the person asking wanted a tat of Theodore Roosevelt going pugalistic on a group of classic monsters.  Hang-ups be damned!  How could I refuse such a project? I’m still working on the […]

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