illustration process – stage two, pencils

(Jan 17, 2009)

ugh. i’m horrible at blogging. i forgot that it’s something that you need to keep up with regularly, or at least i feel i have to. i’m also horrible at remembering things like letting everyone know ahead of time instead of the day that there’s a BEASTS! show at giant robot in san francisco. i’ll try to be more on it.

anyhow, continuing with my potentially boring process posts behind the last set of illustrations i did, we come to the next stage: pencils.

after getting the approval for the thumbnails, i go ahead and draw the actual illustrations and once i got done with that, i scanned them in and sent them in for approval. that way they can catch anything that needs to be changed before i move onto the more final stages.

below are some of the pencils and some changes that were asked to be made.



sometimes the changes were as easy as minor things in the background. in the example above, they thought the clouds in the first one mimicked the cloud theme in another illustration and wanted to go with the more iconic mario bros. looking hills and clouds.



sometimes the changes were a little more intensive. in this one, they thought the original illustration had too many fantastical elements. and wanted me to go in an change them to include some more specific looking characters from video games. [ like the mega man looking villian, the generic godzilla monster, etc ].

One Response to “illustration process – stage two, pencils”

  1. great work! always love to see someone else’s process – let’s see those inks!

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