Presidents Art Show

(Jan 30, 2009)

Once again, we’re making a last-moment announcement about an upcoming event.  Sorry folks… we’re going to start training our blogging muscles so we’ll be better at this in the future! If you happen to be in/near Portland, Guapo Comics and Coffee is having an opening for their new art show tomorrow night.  It will feature […]

happy new year!

(Jan 26, 2009)

wishing everyone good fortune and happiness in the year of the ox!

Race to the Finish: Pete & Pete Month!

(Jan 25, 2009)

So this month I was doing an art challenge with Rosemary Travale – draw a character from The Adventures of Pete & Pete every day.  I made it through the first week okay, but soon after other obligations prevented me from working on the project. Things are starting to settle down now though, and this […]

Calendar 09! Finally!

(Jan 23, 2009)

First off, apologies to anyone who may have been waiting for us to get done with the calendar. The sad truth is that we’ve had the images done for a couple of weeks, but have been too busy to get it all together.  Now we’re back in business and ready to tango. Anyway, we’ve decided […]

Oscar the dog

(Jan 18, 2009)

OK… a little off my grind this week… let’s get right to it then, shall we? This here’s a drawing I did for my BF HB’s B-day. It’s a picture of her super rad dog. I’m pretty happy with it, and my boyfiend thinks I should now go into portraiture, so I guess that’s good. […]

illustration process – stage two, pencils

(Jan 17, 2009)

ugh. i’m horrible at blogging. i forgot that it’s something that you need to keep up with regularly, or at least i feel i have to. i’m also horrible at remembering things like letting everyone know ahead of time instead of the day that there’s a BEASTS! show at giant robot in san francisco. i’ll […]

Calendar 09!

(Jan 08, 2009)

We swear, we’re almost done. Next year’s calendar will make up for this year, with a surplus. Take it and go buy your Grans something nice with it ok? Anyway here’s my contribution. My goal is to get on my grind this year, with the freelance career and such. As part of that I’ll be […]

illustration process, stage one – thumbnails

(Jan 06, 2009)

so i just finished up some work for hollywood entertainment, doing illustrations for the boxes of the used games they sell at their game crazy stores. the whole thing was pretty fun and i learned a lot from it as i had never dealt with a client this large before and i definitely had my […]

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