Holiday Cards and Weather

(Dec 22, 2008)

I recently drew up my annual Christmas card… which considering I finished and sent it out before Christmas this year, is something of a miracle in itself.

The drawing was inspired by the light snowfall we got in Portland last week. The city sort of closed down and it was quite lovely walking around the deserted streets.  Since then we’ve recieved several more inches of snow, and if I were inspired to draw a follow-up to this card, the couple would be stuck waist-deep with vultures circling overhead (It’s still a nice walk around town, if you don’t mind a bit of trudging).

Anyway, Happy Holidays folks! Thanks for reading, and I hope the season treats you all right.

And yes Virginia, there will be calendar news soon!

2 Responses to “Holiday Cards and Weather”

  1. You fellas have done a helluva good job on this website. The art posted so far gives me very good feelings. Much love goes out to you muh-fuckas this holiday season.

  2. Thanks a lot Jeremy! Hope you and your muh-fuckas are havin’ a righteous holiday as well.

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