another holiday image for your enjoyment

(Dec 23, 2008)

here’s my contribution to the brownpaperbag celebration of the holidays. this was just kind of thrown together because i have like a million other things in my plate right now, but i still needed to do something. it’s always a bit of a kerfufl for me coming up with a holiday image because i have […]

Holiday Cards and Weather

(Dec 22, 2008)

I recently drew up my annual Christmas card… which considering I finished and sent it out before Christmas this year, is something of a miracle in itself. The drawing was inspired by the light snowfall we got in Portland last week. The city sort of closed down and it was quite lovely walking around the […]

calendar 09? yes!

(Dec 17, 2008)

so we ARE getting around to doing the calendar, though it will be a different format that we usually do.  just thought i’d post a sneak peek. we’ll have more news about it real soon.

LJ Feed and Brain Dumps

(Dec 09, 2008)

The other day I set up a feed of this blog for LiveJournal users.  So if you’d like to follow us on your Friends list, just click on over here to add us. Yesterday I gave myself a challenge to draw something “wintery”, something to get the ol’ art gears spinning.  I thought of how […]

news! updates! events!

(Dec 05, 2008)

first off, tyler’s website is finally up! please go check it out at so next next saturday, the 13th we’ll be in seattle for the fantagraphics second anniversary store party/ BEASTS print show: the portland fun book 3 is also out. there was a release party this last monday, but seeing how i don’t […]

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