BEASTS screenprinting process part 1

(Nov 22, 2008)

since jason got this blog going, i thought i’d go ahead and break her in by showing the parts of the process of me creating a silk-screened print for the upcoming BEASTS print show at the fantagraphics store in seattle next month.

so the first step was coming up with the image. i did the main line drawing first and then took some tracing paper and plotted out the other colors.

i then scanned all the layer drawings and touched them up in photoshop. while i am in photoshop, i layer the image and throw some color into them and create a digital mock-up of what i hope-to-god the print will look like when it’s all done:

i probably won’t be able to get the colors exactly like this, but it’s really just to get an idea of how it will all play out.

the next step will be printing the transparencies and then coating and burning the screens. check back in a couple of days to see how that goes!

2 Responses to “BEASTS screenprinting process part 1”

  1. Whooo! This is looking mighty fine! (AND the website ain’t too shabby eother!).

  2. thanks, dude! let’s hope the final product turns out as well.

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