BEASTS screenprinting process part 2

(Nov 26, 2008)

here’s some images of me finishing up the print. some notes on completion: there were some hitches here and there, but all things considered, i’m pretty happy with how it turned out. i’m really, really happy with the way the copper ink turned out. oh, and thanks to jason for taking pictures and helping out.

BEASTS screenprinting process part 1

(Nov 22, 2008)

since jason got this blog going, i thought i’d go ahead and break her in by showing the parts of the process of me creating a silk-screened print for the upcoming BEASTS print show at the fantagraphics store in seattle next month. so the first step was coming up with the image. i did the […]


(Nov 19, 2008)

After a series of failed starts, delays and keeping noses to digital grindstones, the brownpaperbag site is up and running. As you can see from the above menu, there are still a few sections we are working on, but for now our main thrust will be this here blog. Along with updates about news and […]

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